Best Life Insurance Quotes

Let’s face it claiming you have the Best Life Insurance Quotes is a pretty bold statement to make. At Lifeman Insurance we would like to ensure transparency for all our clients. The statement of “Best Life Insurance Quotes” is actually completely valid weather you go to the company directly or you come to Lifeman Insurance, as licensed broker from each and every company you are getting the same price. There is no difference in price within the company but because we as broker’s can present quotes from over 18 Carriers in one take, it takes the guess work and shopping out of the equation by allowing you the time to focus your time on what truly matters. When you shop for life insurance, critical illness insurance, disability insurance, and long term care insurance you will be given quotes from all the major life insurance companies but you will also received our suggestions and opinions on what companies we recommend and why. Remember that we have no obligation or allegiance to any one particular company so if price is your major deciding factor then you can always go with whichever company you choose. One thing to note is all of us broker have the same rates, there is never any rate difference amongst brokers but what you will notice is a difference in honesty and the way quotes are presented. We have outlined a real case study below that happens quite frequently.

Best Life Insurance Quotes Case Study

Michael McDonalds phones up ABC Insurance Brokers and request a quote for a Male, age 35 year old non smoker looking for a Term 30 for 500k. He is quoted 34 dollars a month with RBC Insurance. Michael thinks that is a great rate but does not get a good vibe from the insurance broker he is working with and decides to shop around.
He hears really good things about Lifeman Insurance and decides to call them up. He speaks to a live insurance broker within minutes of emailing them. The broker explains that the rates are the same from broker to broker but sometimes the strategy a dishonest broker will use, is quoting the client the preferred plus rates to make sure they get them in the door with the cheapest price. This strategy is not transparent. So the Lifeman Insurance broker asks Michael some additional questions about his health and discovers that he has some cholesterol issues that would likely prevent him from getting the preferred plus rate. Lifeman Insurance explains that it is in the best interest to not over promise and disappoint by giving rates before any medical assessment has been complete. He also explains that the insurance company automatically assessed you for preferred health rates and will let you know if you obtained them and if not why you didn’t. Michael really appreciated the openness of the discussion and decides to go ahead with Lifeman Insurance for both him and his wife. Although he did not obtain the preferred rates, his wife got approved at the super preferred rates which saved him %30 per cent. Had he got approved with the other broker, he would have been thoroughly disappointed because the rates would have been higher than expected. Michael now believes he really got the best life insurance quotes.

If you are looking to speak to a live insurance broker about insurance rates, feel free to send us an email or contact us directly anytime.