Health Insurance

While many of us are fortunate enough to have an ‘employee benefits’ plan at work a lot of us work for smaller companies where an employee benefits package is just not affordable. If you don’t have an employee benefits plan in place I’m sure you know that the prices for prescription medicine and dental work alone are out of this world. It’s worth it to have personal or family health insurance in place.

There are a lot of different types of health insurance plans you can choose from and some of these plans, you can pick and choose the benefits that are covered and thereby adjust the price you pay per month.

Personal or Family health insurance plans are medically underwritten so a nurse will come to visit you. Also, pre-existing conditions won’t be covered under your individual health insurance plan unless you choose to go with a more expensive non-medical health insurance plan.

If your company doesn’t offer an employee benefits plan, individual health insurance plans will certainly help however, keep in mind that the personal or family plans often don’t offer as much coverage as a company would in an employee benefits plan. That being said, the individual insurance health plans are usually cheaper.

All in all, it depends on what you are looking for and what the situation is at work. If you have a comprehensive employee benefits plan that is fully paid for by your company than you don’t need an individual plan. However, if you have to split the cost of coverage with your employer and you don’t need the comprehensive coverage just basic health and dental, you may save money by going with an individual health insurance plan.