Non Medical Insurance 101

It’s about time  we break down the purpose and of  Non Medical Life Insurance and what it really means to your pocketbook. First off if you are healthy, and have no lifestyle issues and looking into purchasing a non-medical insurance you could be wasting your hard earned dollars and should simply apply to regular underwritten life insurance. Non- Medical Life Insurance has a time and place, and lately at Lifeman Insurance we have noticed that excessive marketing on TV has a lot of people looking into a product that is priced very high specifically for people who have no other means or options of getting approved.

What is Non Medical Life Insurance

Non Medical life insurance is for those  individuals who are not in their finest health, have lifestyle issues, and who need  life insurance coverage but are very concerned about a decline. They may have suffered from Cancer, high Blood Pressure, Drug Use, alcoholism and worry that they may not be approved through traditional life insurance.

Case Study Example for the Ideal Candidate:
Francis Peters has it very rough health wise. He had a treatable cancer 10 years ago and a heart attack on his mid 40’s. He is also scared of needles and suffers from white coat syndrome, which effects his blood pressure when he see a nurse ,even though he has no issues normally. He recently remarried and is having a child within the year. His wife is pushing him to get life insurance coverage but they are both concerned that he will get declined. He contacts a High Risk Insurance Specialist at Lifeman Insurance and explains his situation. From all the information gathered it looks like he would likely get declined if following regularly underwritten life insurance route. Instead it is recommend he pursue the non medical life insurance from two separate companies as the amounts are usually capped. He purchased a 50k permanent insurance policy from Assumption life and a 100k Term 20 Policy from Canada Protection Plan. Although the premiums are expensive the insurance starts right away, he answer 10-15 medical questions on the application and does a quick phone interview confirming his answers. The application is approved almost instantly and the policy is delivered to his household.

Case Study Example for a Non-Ideal Candidate:
Joseph Patterson is perfectly health, he has preferred blood pressure reading and has never been sick in 10 years. He is watching his favorite TV show when a commercial comes on discussing life insurance and how easy it is to get approved.  The Life Insurance is Non Medical, he calls up the company and gets a quote for $100 dollars a month for 50,000. He likes the idea of instant coverage but the price seems really steep. He contact Lifeman Insurance where he is given a quote of $100 for 500,0000 in coverage, but he would have to do a medical. Option B seems much better suited to him as he is getting 450,000 dollars more coverage for the same price. The only draw back is the medical.

Best Non-Medical Company Insurance Company
Assumption Life’s Golden Protection is for applicants who are not in their finest health, or who have suffered health issues in the past. It can also be very good for people who have abused lifestyle, alcoholism, drug use etc.

To get approved, there are no medical tests but you will be asked 10 short and concise questions. Assuming all of these questions are answered no you would qualify instantly. Assumption Life’s Golden Protection benefits can range from $ 1000 up to $ 50000.  This coverage is most suitable for those who are between the ages of 40 to 85 years.

Outstanding benefits included:

  • accident death benefits can be four times

  • Options of a delayed benefits available

  • No charge for living benefit


The Golden Protection plus on the other hand offers a 3% yearly increase as preliminary value for your coverage. Just like Golden Protection, this policy does not require any medical exams and covers benefits ranging from $1000 up to $3000. The best part about Golden Protection plus is that there is no waiting period and you can get approved instantly. People who are aged 40 to 80 are eligible for this coverage which also has competitive premiums.

It is advisable to get a free quote from our qualified consultant Jack Bendahan who will guide you on the best policy to choose from by providing you a detailed education on various products.