4 Hour Body

Is 4 Hour Body a Scam ?

New Years Resolutions are upon us. This year I resolved to start mine 2 weeks ago before New Years to avoid falling off the wagon. You know what .. its worked ! I have started reading the new #1 best seller “The 4 Hour Body ” author Tim Ferriss of the best seller the “The 4 hour Work Week”. In short I cannot swear to its truth or validity but in the 2 weeks I have noticed significant differences. What kind of a nut case would decide try this ? Well after reading the book  I decided to be the guinea pig. In short it was everything that I knew I should cut out but would not.

7  Rules


1.) No White Carbs ! ( No bread, No Pasta, No Rice)… I know get over it !!!

2.) No Fruit ! I know your going to say this is impossible. I love fruit and I did it without flinching ! Beans really helped out.  A sugar free jello can do you wonders here !

3.) Don’t Drink Your Carbs ( No juices, pop, or sugared beverages) you are allowed coffee, tea, and diet coke (1 daily), you are allowed two glasses of red wine daily preferably a Pinot Noir or Merlot. I know its weird but its the science in the way the wine burns I imagine.

4.) Legumes (Beans are allowed and should be eaten if possible at every meal.) Mexican Bean Salad rules ! Go to allrecipes.com, my wife’s site for the best !

5.) 1 Day a week you can go nuts anything you want as long as you have a good breakfast. Trust me this Friday I had 3 Plates of Chinese Food, Taco Bell, Cup Cakes, an Entire Ice Cream Cake, After 8 Mints 1/2 box, Butter Cookies and a bowl of peanuts ! Next week I am going all out Mexican Cuisine, 15 cupcakes just to start !

6.) No Dairy ! ( or limit it ) Cream in coffee instead of milk, or cinnamon which actually decreases the glycemic indicator of food by %30 per cent. This was the toughest but the science and other cases proved it to be correct.

7.) Drink Tonnes of Water

In the last 2 weeks I have shrunk several inches around my waist and lost 7lbs. Never mind the weight loss. But I feel great, limited cravings. And a sugar free jello usually satisfies the rage. I have given you the basics on a  bible of a book. I have the Cue Card Version, if you want it, email me.

Who ever is interested in trying this out, call me or email me so we can keep each other on course. I have somehow convinced my wife now to go along for the ride. As she is seeing the results herself.

Stay Tuned for the VIDEO BLOG to follow ! Always looking forward to your feedback my fellow facebookers. My goal is to get down to my highschool weight of 175-180 lbs. Who would like to follow me on my journey !

Jack The Lifeman