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Affordable Critical Illness Insurance Solution

How to Keep Your Critical Illness Insurance Premium Cheap

Most people have the all or nothing attitude when it comes to critical illness insurance. They are under the assumption that if they can’t obtain those high critical illness coverage amounts accompanies by very high premiums, then there is no point to purchasing it altogether. And that is in my opinion just a really poor approach to thinking about it. In order to get the cheapest critical illness rates, that remain affordable you have to change your focus.

Focus on Recovery Periods not Amounts

Your focus should be on the recovery periods. Meaning if you have or get a critical illness insurance what are the average recovery periods. Typically the average recovery periods for Cancer, Non Life Threatening Stroke, and Heart Attack ranges from 3-5 months. So the smarter thing to do would be to change your current “all or nothing” approach to a having “something is better then nothing”. In the above video we go over typical cost scenario when faced with a critical illness and how these costs can  really serve you by relieving a lot of undue financial and emotional stress by being amply protected.

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