Money Sense and Jack Bendahan

Belief from Others Makes You Believe In Yourself This article is not so much about me but more about my clients who believed in me and trusted me as their broker even in the beginning with no experience some eight years ago. Its thanks to all you my loyal clients that...

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Term 10 Warning and Awareness

Be Aware of Your Term 10 So you decided to buy a Term 10 insurance many years ago. All you know is that you are protected for 10 years at a really cheap price. And although this is not my product of choice by any means, here are some key tips if you happen to own this...

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Honesty Screening for Life Insurance

TIP: Honesty Screening Test When you first receive quotes, most brokers will give you the preferred rates or super preferred rates, even though you have not yet qualified for them. You have to go through medical underwriting to get approved for these rates. But...

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Life Insurance and Bankruptcy

Worried Your Canadian Life Insurance Company May go Bankrupt You may think this never happens, but in the last several years it has happened a number of times. We have seen AIG get acquired by BMO Insurance, and in the last year a 100-year-old company, known as Union...

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Million Dollar Life Insurance Scam

Greed got the Best of Them Fellow Toronto Residents you may have heard about the million dollar life insurance scam that was plotted and carried out to the T where the insurance companies actually paid out the coverage. This family schemed but ending up getting caught...

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Timber Creek Review

Fun Things to do for Kids in Ontario Lifeman Insurance is always giving you families he protects great places to visit to do family things. We stumbled upon a wonderful place called Timber Creek which was recommended from a friend. Let me tell you it was amazing for...

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