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Are Real Estate Agents In Big Trouble ?

Time to Market some Real Truth I know what your thinking. This guy used a catchy title to grab my attention, and for that I agree. I am guilty as charged but I assure you there is some raw and real unprecedented truth to this article. If your a full time real estate...

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Term Life Insurance Quotes Online

Is it Safe to Buy Life Insurance Online These days with viruses and identity theft people do get scared when buying anything online especially life insurance but let's face it, the world has changed and people find it more convenient. Even major Insurance companies...

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Money Sense and Jack Bendahan

Belief from Others Makes You Believe In Yourself This article is not so much about me but more about my clients who believed in me and trusted me as their broker even in the beginning with no experience some eight years ago. Its thanks to all you my loyal clients that...

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Term 10 Warning and Awareness

Be Aware of Your Term 10 So you decided to buy a Term 10 insurance many years ago. All you know is that you are protected for 10 years at a really cheap price. And although this is not my product of choice by any means, here are some key tips if you happen to own this...

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