Life Insurance and Bankruptcy

Worried Your Canadian Life Insurance Company May go Bankrupt You may think this never happens, but in the last several years it has happened a number of times. We have seen AIG get acquired by BMO Insurance, and in the last year a 100-year-old company, known as Union...

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Million Dollar Life Insurance Scam

Greed got the Best of Them Fellow Toronto Residents you may have heard about the million dollar life insurance scam that was plotted and carried out to the T where the insurance companies actually paid out the coverage. This family schemed but ending up getting caught...

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Timber Creek Review

Fun Things to do for Kids in Ontario Lifeman Insurance is always giving you families he protects great places to visit to do family things. We stumbled upon a wonderful place called Timber Creek which was recommended from a friend. Let me tell you it was amazing for...

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Mud Hero Toronto Review

My Mud Hero Review The Lifeman bringing you a real life account of Mud Hero 2013 raw and uncut. I am not a jogger or a long distance runner, in fact I despise jogging and despite having tried it many times I always found I was winded and bored. I have never taken part...

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Michigan Shopping for Canadians

Shop till you Drop In Kid friendly Michigan Lifeman Insurance sharing an experience that keeps getting better. If you are looking to do the best shopping at the cheapest prices and with a great family weekend outing in a super kid friendly environment then Michigan is...

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Floods in Toronto

Toronto Floods   Is it the End of Days as many whisper or was it just a stroke of bad luck that hit Toronto. No one expected the DVP to be flooded, the Go Train to be called the No Train, cars to be abandoned, including those of the very highway patrol, and business...

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My Fitness Pal Review

For years I have been whats called a Yo Yo Dieter. I have jumped up and down in weight and have never found a permanent solution to my cravings. I have always been seeking the next weight loss solution. You see I am a weight loss junkie, I love reading about weight...

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