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High Risk Life Insurance

High Risk Insurance Expert Shares Secrets

In this live Rogers Tv Segment Jack Bendahan your Insurance Expert discusses High Risk insurance and some of the strategies he uses to get people approved with high risk issues. People who smoke marijuana, use alcohol, have had past criminal issues such as DUI, health issues such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, also any people who have had heart attacks, strokes, cancer. Jack discusses how these people can obtain insurance and the strategy that he uses to get such people approved. He goes over actual case studies and shares some of the success he has had with all different issues. A common question that comes up is Marijuana Usage and if you can be considered  for life insurance, or will you be considered a smoker, many people wonder how this information will effect their records. One of the strategies discussed by Jack is to submit what called a general inquiry for the client, which includes all issues, medications, and physical attributes but without including the person’s name. Bendahan will do this for specific clients and submit the inquiry to all 18 companies, he describes it as throwing out a large fishing net hoping to catch a good bite. He will usually receives several answers describing who would approve the client, and for how much. Of course this is just an answer based on general info, but it gives him a good idea on who to apply to for the client. Jack the Lifeman will then fill out multiple application, and wait for medicals and underwriting to commence. This approach obviously takes a lot longer and means more work to the Lifeman but can exhibit wonderful cost saving premiums, and approvals for his client.

Lifeman can get your life insurance approved

Jack Bendahan your Toronto Life Insurance broker discusses life insurance and how its not that difficult to get approved if you smoke marijuana, have health issues, are obese, or even had cancer in that past and the strategies he would use to get you approved. The Toronto Life Insurance Native has seen insurance companies give different ratings depending on the case and explains why you need a life insurance broker who is experienced, honest and will work hard to get you approved. If you are worried about your health and want to get a clear explanation on if you have a chance to get approved for life insurance, its recommended you speak to your high risk insurance expert Jack Bendahan.

Posted by Jack Bendahan.