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Insurance Broker Toronto Your High Risk Insurance Specialist

Toronto Insurance Broker goes the extra mile

Toronto residents would be very well taken care of financially when they decide to consult Toronto Life Insurance Broker Jack Bendahan for their Life Insurance, Critical Illness Insurance and Disability insurance needs. Jack will provide them with honest down to earth advice and help them understand the complexities of life insurance by educating them in a very simple and easy to understand way. Jack Bendahan is very knowledgeable of the products for  all the major Life Insurance companies, and will put you needs ahead of his own by holding you hand through the whole process. He has access to all the Canadian Life Insurance Companies therefore he is able to shop around for the best rates for his clients. He will explain the different products available and will not steer you to a product that is not right for you. Jack Bendahan will review your information and recommend the best possible product and follow up with you throughout the underwriting process.

High Risk Clients Trust his Approach

He will obtain preliminary underwriting information when necessary, that is, he will inquire from the insurance companies as to whether they will insure someone if they have a specific condition or if they will rate the client or totally decline that person. That way he will not be wasting your time. He is known as high risk insurance specialist and has got some of the most difficult insurance cases approved. People who had cancer, heart attacks, mental disease, alcoholism, trust Jack to shop around and obtain the best life insurance rates. He uses a multiple application approach by applying to 3 or more companies rather then just one, in order to come back with the best possible offer. A lot of the time this strategy proves to be a success.

Jack will also touch base with you periodically to let you know how things are going. He will make sure that you are kept informed, by keeping in touch by email at least once a month. A winner of the 2011 Broker of the year award, Jack has been featured on Rogers TV providing information on all types of insurance. He also has a designated YouTube Channel with over 70 videos on various products and answering all types of questions from smoking use to marijuana use.

Posted by Jack Bendahan.