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Life Insurance and High Cholesterol

In Canada over 40% of Canadians aged 20 to 79 have an unhealthy level of total cholesterol and about 25% have an unhealthy level of triglycerides. Those applying for life insurance who have high cholesterol can generally qualify for life insurance, but this really depends on how well the cholesterol is under control. Depending on the life insurance underwriting guidelines, the applicants with cholesterol may have a very good chance of getting approved at the standard health rates.

Life Insurance Underwriters will usually look at age, family history, other medical issues that are associated, and how often there are changes in the dosage of medication.

Other Options for Those with High Cholesterol

If the Cholesterol is very high or there are other related health issues, the applicants may be rated or declined. A rated policy simply means that the applicant would have to pay an extra premium above the standard rate. But a declined policy means that they would be disqualified from getting approved for life insurance. Getting declined does not mean every insurance company will do the same, so sometimes its worthwhile to apply to several companies simultaneously or to consider a non medical insurance even before applying as it can sometimes be the safety net that protects the applicant for an outright decline. The rates for non medical insurance are higher then traditional life insurance but the likeliness of approval are very close to guaranteed as there are only 10-12 questions asked.

Remember that sometimes through diet and lifestyle changes you may be able to remedy the cholesterol level and reapply to have the rating eliminated.