Marijuana & Drug Use and Life Insurance

Can I be approved for life insurance?

Although the heated debate remains that marijuana is perfectly safe. How the insurance companies treat marijuana users can vary depending on the way you answer there drug use questionnaire. For one thing marijuana users usually get approved but are given the rates of a smoker regardless of how you use marijuana. For example you could smoke, or ingest it and you would still be deemed a smoker. The difference in smoker and non smoker rates mean more expensive premiums. Another important factor is the frequency of use and amount of consumption on a monthly, weekly or daily period. This information gathered usually in the drug questionnaire can impact your insurance in several different ways, you can be approved, you can be outright declined, or given a rating (increase in price) based on the amount of use the insurance company underwriters consider over normalcy. Best thing to do is always speak to a licenced well versed insurance broker who will steer you in the right direction. Remember if you ever quit for a period of one year you can be deemed a non smoker at the rates you originally applied for based on your age at application time.

Other Drugs

Harder Drugs Like Ecstasy, Cocaine, Heroin, or Abuse of Alcohol where you were in AA usually end up being declined but sometimes can be approved if the length of time is over 10 Years. This is based on my personal inquiries for some clients who had these issues. If the situation seems like a decline you can easily get approved with non medical insurance like Canada Protection Plan or Assumption life polices where drug use questions currently are not part of the application. I would usually start off with the non medical first for such applicants which ensures they have coverage not matter what. Remember that one of the non medical questions asked is if you had been declined in the last 2 years. Hence the recommendation to make sure you have it in place beforehand.