Money Sense and Jack Bendahan

Belief from Others Makes You Believe In Yourself

10152610_683976218325462_1794974259_nThis article is not so much about me but more about my clients who believed in me and trusted me as their broker even in the beginning with no experience some eight years ago. Its thanks to all you my loyal clients that allowed me to be featured as an expert in Money Sense Magazine this April 2014. Your confidence in me has given me confidence and a  belief in myself that allows me to constantly better myself and be able me to provide value to the marketplace on a consistent basis. On a side note, these occurrences really exhibit whats possible in every avenue of your life, if you simply work hard, add value to the marketplace and stay positive despite any obstacles things can really turn it around.

And so now I share with you a different side of myself, and I feel a side that will impact you the greatest. Please feel free to visit my new site, where I give you a tremendous amount of value in terms of life, mindset, sales, marketing, positive thinking, fight against struggle, goals, dreams, etc. This is a new chapter in my life and I plan to make a big impact in this world in this life. In 2005 I had just gone into corporate bankruptcy, my million dollar business, my confidence and self esteem, my mentality of playing big was all swept away, and I felt like the man I had been was no longer. I was forced to get back up and rebuild myself, and I can assure you this was no easy task. My mindset although on the outside would seem very strong to the spectator, on the inside my vocabulary was all wrong, my self talk was defeating. I was talking to myself in a way you wouldn’t talk to your worst enemy. This blame and negativity was a an inner game and I was losing. In the last 6 months I have really changed that. For those of you who are struggling, whether it be financially, emotionally, spiritually. You can change anything in your life if you believe you can. I am a living testament. Surround yourself with the right people, don’t give up but commit to action with a positive attitude and strong inner game and you can hit those dreams and goals that seem impossible.

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