Motivation to Lose Weight

Life Insurance Man Shares his Story

Many of you don’t know that in my early twenties I was an actor/model. I was featured in several music videos, commercials, print ads, and even had a one day modeling career in Milan, Italy. That’s another story to share with you down the road! Anyhow, back then working out and staying in shape was one of my primary goals and pursuits. I stood at 6’1 and weighed 180 lbs, not too shabby! Of course with age, marriage, a mortgage, becoming a new dog owner and now a new father, the weight gain kept coming and eating healthy and working out got pushed to the bottom of my list of priorities.

Over the last 10 years I have been branded as a yo-yo dieter. I have jumped from one diet to another with only fleeting success if any! When it comes to dieting I have tried and failed many times and I always come to the same conclusion; diets suck! I did manage to stay at 190 lbs off and on but this last year my battle at staying 190 lbs was lovingly tossed upside down. Waiting for our new house to be built meant that we were moving in with my mother- in- law and her always sweet smelling bakery of a kitchen. The birth of my daughter meant that I had new sleeping hours, practically none, and no time to eat proper meals. Needless to say my mother-in-law’s prized Moroccan pastries were impossible to resist. To sum it all up, in just 6 short months I jumped up to 215 lbs in weight.

So this year with all my weight gain and the birth of my beautiful little girl Joelle, a flame sparked in me. I want to be around for my daughter for a very long time and being a life insurance broker and coming face to face with real life events, people from all walks of life, clients being declined due to health issues, all of these things added more fire to the flame! Let’s face it, eating right and having a daily exercise regimen is a recipe for success! It creates energy, strength, stamina, and you actually feel better when you’re taking care of yourself. Trust me, try it for a month and you will see! Plus it will give you that extra energy you need to keep up with this hectic pace of life we live in.

So with those thoughts in mind, in February I declared my war on weight loss and so far I have lost 15 lbs in 2 months and I know I will get back to my ideal weight very soon.

I want to share with you some of the health tips in the next article that have worked for me in hopes that you will join me in my quest for health and longevity!

Tip # 1

Get A Support System! This can be Your Partner, Child, Parents, Co-workers or even Me!
If you declare your goals to someone else and they support you by encouragement, accountability or helping out with meals or freeing up your time, you are already successful. Getting my wife on board was the best thing I could have done. We now help each other by freeing up time, preparing healthy meals and even a little healthy competition!

Tip #2

Find a Workout that Works for Your Schedule.
As a new mom, my wife had little or no time to work out and with my job and always being on the road at appointments I have very little time as well. We both use the 10 Minute Trainer by Tony Horton. It’s a workout Video so that means no driving to and from the gym and we can fit it in whenever we have the time. Sometimes choosing only 10 minutes and increasing our workouts in 10 minute intervals when we do have the time. Ask me about it if you are interested! I have been a long time fan of Tony Horton and the Beach Body Team.

Tip # 3

Slow Down Your Eating!
If you are like me this will be a tough one! After every bite put your fork or sandwich down, savor your food and remember why you are eating it. This works and you will notice eventually you will just eat less and even start questioning if you are even hungry.

Tip # 4

Eat Small Meals and Snack Throughout the Day.
I sell life insurance for a living! I am in the car, on the road sometimes for 12 hours a day. Sure I could stop by McDonalds, that would be the easiest for me but now I carry some food in the car. Apples with peanut butter, celery or carrots with hummus, a Kashi Go Lean bar, some prunes and almonds and in emergencies I have a grilled chicken wrap from McDonalds. Desperate times call for desperate measures but at least I am not consuming a 2000 calorie meal! Believe me, I have fallen off the wagon before but so what! Just jump right back on at your next snack or meal. It’s all about consistency and small changes.

Tip # 5

Make Better Food Choices!
Diets suck, decide that you want to eat healthy and you will. Make small changes at first, if you’re hungry eat. But trust me, when you’re hungry all food does the same thing in the end and makes you full. So pick the food that will help you stay on your feet not anchor you to the floor. If you go to a restaurant there are always better choices. I will hit my ideal weight of 180 lbs again. Maybe it will be in a year maybe sooner. But that’s why I am writing this public declaration.

Tip # 6

Drink More Water!
Water is the drink of life, we are made up of water about 55-60% of our body is water and did you know that obesity decreases the percentage of water in the body? We need it, it nourishes us, makes you full and will make us leaner and younger looking! Here’s another fact, infants are made up of 75% water. Something to think about! So get to that water cooler and refill your bottles!

Tip # 7

Stop Eating 2-3 hours Before Bed.
I love late night snacking but it leads to bad habits. If you can master this tip it will work wonders. Waking up light as a feather really does something to your frame of mind. This really helps you start your day on the right foot. Also if you want to keep your frame of mind golden remember that Rome was not built in a day. It took a long time for you to put on that weight, and it will take time, consistent action and a good plan to take it off!

Tip # 8

Stay Off The Scale for a Month at a Time.
Weigh yourself once a month. I remember in the past I used to weight myself once a day. How discouraging. It did not take a day to put on the weight, it took years of indulgence. Don’t beat yourself up if your weight does not jump drastically at first, it will move with consistent effort and a plan.

Tip # 9

Get it on Paper!
Write your goals down and the actions you will take to achieve those goals. Now look at them every day! If you write things down you are more likely to succeed especially if you review them constantly.

Tip #10

Add In More Activity to Your Life and Make It Fun!
You will get stronger and you will have more energy so add in an extra walk or workout here and there. Why not try a new thrilling activity out. More workouts equal faster weight loss. Remember you can walk at the Zoo, Downtown, in a Mall. You can choose the stairs at work or in your condo/apartment. Go ahead and take your kids rock climbing at Joe Rockheads in Downtown Toronto. Go Swimming or Mow the Lawn. Lots of activities to do especially in nice weather!

Inspire each other and others every day. If I can do it and my wife with a newborn baby can do it. If 50 year old Tony Horton, who looks better than most 20 year olds, can do it. We all can do it. Create a plan, change it if you have too, keep on taking action and this could be the recipe for success in all aspects of your life. When you write something down and declare it, announce it, it’s very hard to fail.

Please get back to me and let me know what you thought of this article, and if you have any tips you would like to share.

Let’s inspire each other along the way.

Your life insurance broker,
Jack “The Life Man,” Bendahan