Mud Hero Toronto Review

Mud Hero TorontoMy Mud Hero Review

The Lifeman bringing you a real life account of Mud Hero 2013 raw and uncut. I am not a jogger or a long distance runner, in fact I despise jogging and despite having tried it many times I always found I was winded and bored. I have never taken part in any race other then being on the track team as a kid running 100 meters or 200 meter dash. I was always a sprinter and more of a soccer player athlete so quick bursts of energy were more of my thing. Mud Hero turned my entire game play upside down. The event itself was perfectly organized, no line ups easy to register and seemed very well put together. The course was 6 kilometers, and had 18 obstacles, most of them through dark thick stinky heavy mud. The mud really through me a curve ball, it made you slow down for fear of twisting an ankle, it made your clothes 10 lbs heavier and your shoes felt like 5 lbs dumbbells were attached to each foot. The mud and downhill run especially after an obstacle put you on high alert and there were times where I nearly wiped out but recovered. The uphill running the biggest challenge and even haunted experienced runners game plan throwing there strategy in the toilet.

Mud Hero BeforeI speak openly when I say for me this was a huge challenge, for others in my party (my wife) it was easy enough, I actually held her back and she pushed me forward. This challenge was as much mental as it was physical, there were times in the course I thought about just stopping to rest but I just kept pushing. That first kilometer is treacherous and I think they do this purposely, by adding in so many hills. Also your body is not really warmed up. My strategy was to kill the obstacles and do my best at the running. But when I got to the obstacles my arms and legs were so heavy that what normally I could do in one move really took effort. My time was 54 minutes, which I am still proud of because I came in the 40 percent bracket on my first ever run not to mention obstacle run. For those of you on the fence, you should try it. You don’t have to run the whole thing, just make finishing your goal. Looking back on the race, it was a lot of fun, jumping in mud pit’s, climbing over cars, through tunnels, over and under obstacles and a 500m dash through the lake with your shoes on was such a rush. I cannot repeat this enough but mentally it really makes you dig down deep.Nothing is more exhilarating then seeing the finish line and your friends and announcers cheering you on knowing you will cross and that you gave it your all.

Mud Hero Toronto ReviewI am looking forward to the next challenge, not sure if we will do it but on Sept 14th there is the ” Bad Ass Run” and the “Zombie Run” seems like a lot of fun too. If your in to challenging yourself Mud Hero was amazing. Plus proceeds to go to a charitable cause.