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“Protecting your family as I do my own.”

Although we both had life insurance with our employers, my husband and I always wanted to make sure we had extra life insurance especially with young children and a mortgage. Once the children grew up, graduated and got married we realized we did not need as extensive coverage. Our former Insurance Company was not able to provide us with suitable and more practical options except for raising our premiums because of our ages and never answering our telephone calls. We looked around for alternate Insurers and found Jack Bendahan “The Life Man” . We found him to be a very personable and professional young man who met with us in our own home to discuss the various options available. It is comforting to know that our life insurance needs have been addressed based on our changing circumstances and that Jack is always readily available should we have any questions.

Mary and Phil F.

Toronto, Ontario

Jack is one of the very few honest and knowledgeable insurance person out there. My wife, Farzana and I were shopping for insurance back in 2006 when we came across Jack. He gave us all the time we needed and went through the various options in great detail and answered all questions to our satisfaction. In 2009, we were blessed with a baby girl and have since purchased a second policy through him. Jack is very passionate about his job and and is truly the “LIFE MAN”.

Riyaz Visra

Toronto, Ontario

When selecting life and disability insurance, I was fortunate enough to engage Jack Bendahan of LSM Insurance. Jack’s professionalism and enthusiasm made me feel immediately that I had chosen the right individual to represent me. I would highly recommend Jack and LSM Insurance to anyone seeking competent insurance representation and advice.

Scott Phillips

Toronto, Ontario

Jack Bendahan of LSM Insurance facilitated two (2) insurance policies that fit my financial needs and lifestyle on 2006. After signing the policies, my dealings with Jack and LSM never ended as he referred me to someone who helped me buy a house and he also gave me tips regarding insurance mortgage. He is not like a car salesman where once a deal is closed, you are basically on your own. Jack will not stop being a professional insurance/financial advisor as soon as he closed his own deal(s). He will see to it that he will be there for any assistance that you require within his expertise and reliable network. For my friends, acquaintances and work colleagues who’ve asked me for a financial advisor, I never hesitated in giving them Jack’s contact information.

Dags Marasiagan, PMP

Toronto, Ontario

My meeting with Jack to get Life Ins. was very productive. Jack explained to me about different types of Life Ins. in detail. It was very easy for me to choose what type of Life Insurance suited me. Thank you very much Jack.

Deborah Bemnet

Toronto, Ontario

I met Jack Bendahan last fall when I decided I wanted to obtain life insurance. As a young senior citizen, I wanted to leave a gift for my neice and nephew. Jack was not only personable butlvery knowledgeable. He immediately learned that I didn’t know about the different types of insurance one may purchase. An excellent teacher, he began to enlighten me and I found that I could begin to understand the differences among the various packages available.

Jack spent the time educating, informing, and patiently assisting me to choose the best package for my age and needs. I felt that I could trust his knowledge and expertise.

Thank you, Jack for your understanding and for taking the time to explain in such clear terms.

Sharon W.

Richmond Hill, Ontario

I’ve known Jack since mid 2009. Initially, I got in touch with him for my family’s life insurance needs. Jack was very patient in explaining the different options that we have while purchasing Life Insurance and was open enough to show and discuss his own personal life insurance. I even gave him the run around when I did not go thru with the first Life Insurance company that we had filed the application with and made him do the entire application process again with another insurance company. Jack did not flinch even once when we decided to do so. Instead, he accepted our decision to switch companies at the very end and did the whole process all over again.

Eventually, we ended up buying more than just life insurance thru him. For all our insurance needs, Jack provided us with different types of quotes from multiple companies. He has never tried to push one insurance company over another. He always has worked in our best interest and was always willing to work with our time schedules.

I have recommended him in the past and will continue to do so – He truly is the Lifeman.

Tushar Chandgothia

Vaughan, Ontario

Going through Jack Bendahan of LSM Insurance helped me understand what Life Insurance really means for my family – Security and Trust that’s what I needed and he provided it with great knowledge.

Adele Speers

Milton, Ontario