Toronto Couple Diagnosed with Cancer Simulteanously

Toronto Couple’s Bitter Sweet Story

Toronto couple fighting cancer

Toronto couple fighting cancer

This morning I turned on the TV to watch the news about a positive young couple who are throwing a ” Living Wake ”  a party that celebrates the life they share together and a final goodbye to friends and family. Today my wife and I celebrate our 7th year in marriage so you can imagine how this story really touched me and made me think of how fortunate and lucky  I am. We are not strangers to critical illness in fact, it hit our immediate family 3 times at once in my mid 20’s and took my father in-laws life. Watching this story made me feel really sad, worried, grateful, blessed and all out scared. This story is about an everyday 44 year old man who get’s diagnosed with Cancer and just when you think it could not get any worse his wife is diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer having to go through treatments alongside him. The story is very hard to watch because it makes you ask ” Could this happen to me ?” and although we like to put it out of our mind, it most definitely could. The only thing that gave me some sense of relief to such a sad story is knowing that if the worst were to happen, to either my wife or I our Critical Illness Insurance would add some financial relief to a horrible situation and my life insurance would give my children the best possible financially worry free live.

This story really got me thinking about what would life be like if one or both of us got sick, and we were unable to care for our kids because of our condition, something you don’t ever want to hold in your thoughts. But nonetheless in my line of work, it made me really proud of my constant public education on Critical Illness Insurance and how it can really help and alleviate a horrible situation from getting worse. If we were unable to work and bring in an income what would happen to our home, our children, our family lifestyle. We obviously would need help and likely a full time live in care giver, maybe even two, to keep our children constantly involved in activities so they would not see us suffer. I really tried to put myself in the situation of the couple knowing that death was looming around the corner Am I prepared financially for such a situation and I can honestly answer yes I am. I have critical illness coverage, disability insurance, and life insurance so at least the one stress that should be alleviated is the financial one.

If you don’t have critical illness, I don’t care if you come to me or not, but smarten up and prepare for a situation that is hitting 1 in 3 in there lifetime.  This is a real couple faced with a tragic situation and I can say openly state why I believe in insurance protection more then ever. I want nothing more then to give them the best life possible.

I would recommend watching the segment because it was so raw and emotional it will really hit you hard as it did myself. My thoughts are with this strong couple and I wish them all the strength to deal with such a tough situation. The moral of this story is not only to connect with the sadness but to celebrate the positivity this man and his wife are radiating to the public about gratefulness and inner strength.