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Best Toronto Insurance Broker in 2011

High Risk Life Insurance Takes the Prize

We are proud to announce that Jack “The Lifeman” Bendahan, your Toronto Life Insurance Broker was voted Insurance Broker of the year by The Real Estate Readers choice award. Jack is a well known broker who has appeared in several informative videos, both on line and on Rogers TV, explaining the ins and outs of Life insurance. Although he has over 1000 clients, he still takes the time to listen to them and recommend the best product for their needs. He is totally dedicated to getting his clients the best value for their money. His down to earth approach puts them at ease and they feel comfortable discussing their needs with him. Jack through hard work and experience has carved himself out a niche market in the industry focusing on people with high risk insurance needs. He helps those with past medical issues like cancer, heart attack stroke, diabetes, get life insurance coverage at the very best possible rate. He also help people who are normally deemed uninsurable, those with past drug use, obesity, mental issues, alcoholism or duo in the past. He is well known in the community for his aggressive approach towards insurance companies in trying to get the clients the very best rates by using what he calls the multiple application strategy. A strategy he coined by applying simultaneously to three life insurance  companies for high risk clients and using one against the other to get the lowest priced rates. His honest and straight approach inform clients if they have a chance of getting approved by submitting anonymous life insurance general inquiries in order to get the answer before all the work is put in. In doing so he can provide the client with an idea of approval and also a range in premiums that will be paid. High risk insurance clients appreciate the work that goes into this because the whole process is very transparent and gives them an idea of what they are getting themselves into. The process can be especially length because of the underwriting all three companies will require and quite possibly share. Jack hold his clients hand throught he whole process and for the most part shows fantastic results.

You Tube Channel on Life Insurance

He has produced many educational videos videos for You Tube. This is very beneficial to those who want information about a product that they can view at their own time and leisure before meeting with a professional.