Why these 7 Tips Can Get You The Cheapest Life Insurance

Need the Cheapest Life Insurance

kid_berryBeing a professional in the Life Insurance Industry for the last 9 years I know people are looking for the very cheapest rates and although I am a big advocator of going with a solid insurance company that suits your situation. I will give you tips to get the best rates for people who are in good health and also supply tips who may encounter issues and need a nudge in the right direction.

7 Tips to Get the Cheapest Life Insurance Rates

1. Always use a Life Insurance Broker. Broker represents all the companies, and if he is a modern broker which he should be with a laptop and software, he can run a series of quotes for you so you can see all a comparison of all rates.

2. Be weary when offered a product called Universal Life Insurance. It may come across as the least expensive option with cash values acting as magnets to your eyeballs but this could be a costly mistake.

3. If you have any health or lifestyle issues you may get rated. A rating means that you will pay a higher price then the average person. A knowledgeable and experienced broker will be able to point out what companies look at these incidences more favourably and in some cases some cases they offer an extra discount to rated individuals bringing them back down to a standard rate.

4. If you are in superior health you may want to ask to see the preferred and super preferred rated which will give you an edge at getting cheaper rates and possible as much as 30 per cent off.

5. Nurses often mention to us brokers that where the client may have a bit of an edge is getting there medical on a Weekend morning, when they are not working, less stressed, lower blood pressure when you first wake up. Also best not to eat anything or drink coffee as this may impact the blood pressure and sugar levels. Also working out is not a good idea right before a medical if you are looking to get the superior rates.

6. Quit smoking for a period of one year and your rate will be reduced approximately by 30-50 per cent. This is the same thing for marijuana. This can also be done after you quit, and is a motivation for you to quit. you will be asked to redo the blood test and as long as you are still healthy they will honour the rates of a non smoker at the age that you originally applied. 7. If you are overweight and lose a number of bounds within a year and keep it off, this can allow you to get a reduction if you were given a rating. I hope all these tips were helpful. Feel free to download the ultimate guide to getting approved.

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